Post-hardcore band from Queensland, Australia, Amity Affliction have released their new single “I Bring The Weather With Me”.

This song is one of the tracks for the new album “This Could Be Heartbreak” Released August 12, 2016.

To promote the album, Amity Affliction adds a series of tours in Australia with a capacity of 500 people each city visited.

The Tivoli, Brisbane, on August 19,
Metro Theatre, Sydney on August 26 and
170 Russell, Melbourne on 31 August.

Tracklist :

1. “I Bring The Weather With Me”
2. “This Could Be Heartbreak”
3. “Nightmare”
4. “Tearing Me Apart”
5. “O.M.G.I.M.Y.”
6. “All Fucked Up”
7. “Fight My Regret”
8. “Some Friends”
9. “Wishbone”
10. “Note To Self”
11. “Blood In My Mouth”