“Can we leave it all behind and start again?” – Alazka

Alazka have announced their debut album “Phoenix” will be available September 1, 2017. The band drop new single “Ghost”

Tell me
When the time has come
And no one’s left to save me
Is there any chance

I know I might be wrong
Not enough to doubt
That the one thing I pursue and
What I’m all about
Are like a cage for me
One that I create
Still unlocked but can I realize
Before it’s too late

But if suddenly
You were standing right in front of me
I could barely hope and dare to say
That you’re the reason why
I’m on my own now

Tell me
When the time has come
And no one’s left to save me
Can we leave it all behind
And start again
Can we start again

Let me think again
Take a second glance
Can I really dare to hope there is
A second chance
To give up on it
Leave that hate behind
And eventually get to smile again
When you’re on my mind

And now finally
You are standing right in front of me
Liberation when I came to see
I may be on my own
But I don’t hate you

And when the time comes
I’ll greet you as a friend
Let go of all the stories
I thought would never end
The time comes
What I know to be true
All along I’ve been waiting for you

All that I want
To move on beyond
And I know that I was wrong
So tell me
Can we leave it all behind
And start again

ALAZKA from Recklinghausen started their journey in 2012 as BURNING DOWN ALASKA. After a few line-up changes they published their debut-EP »Values & Virtues« in March 2015 via Redfield Records. Since then they have played four European tours, including their own headline tour, main support for BEING AS AN OCEAN and the „Impericon Never Say Die! Tour“, as well as several well-known festivals across Europe (WITH FULL FORCE, SUMMER BREEZE, GRASPOP, SOUTHSIDE e.g.). Further they have played support shows for Bands like NORTHLANE, THE GHOST INSIDE and PARKWAY DRIVE on several occasions. In January 2016, Kassim joined the band as a second vocalist and appeared on the song ‘Blossom’ for the first time ever. This song was published while running their first headline tour. At the end of March 2017 they announced to change their name into ALAZKA because they wanted to have a name that perfectly describes their musical style and personality. Also, the former name of the band was chosen when most of the current line-up actually wasn’t in the band yet. After the change of their band name they’ve signed a record deal with Arising Empire and SharpTone Records. Arrived at their new label home, they also released their first single as ALAZKA: ‘Empty Throne’.