Initially, A Skylit Drive screamo music played more than clean vocals. Now, with the departure of the two vocalists (unclean / growl), since the release of the album Wire, ASD have its own characteristics with vocalist Michael “Jag” Jagmin. He had a countertenor voice range, previously as a second vocalist, now became the lead vocalist.

Jag has voice almost the same as Antony Green of Saosin, or similar as well with Ronnie Winter of RJA. Jagmin is known for its idiosyncratic sound quality and wide vocal range spanning up to 3 octaves, but that he also has the ability to make a high-pitched scream.

A Skylit Drive is a post-hardcore band from America. The band almost broke up, some of the personnel they have come out. Single songs Within These Walls 2015 with a new format, Michael Labelle (ex-Of Reverie, preeminent) on guitars and Brandon Richter (ex-Motionless In White) on drums.

ASD latest album and in 2015, they are more for the clean vocals. Listen the recording process

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New Single A Skylit Drive – Bring Me A War latest album, 2015.

Tacks list of the album: “ASD” (2015)
1. Bring Me A War
2. Self / Less
3. Falling Apart In A (Crow) ded Room
4. Shock My Heart
5. Risk It All
6. Running In Circles
7. Oblivion
8. Symphony Of Broken Dreams
9. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
10. Find A Way
11. The Son Is Not The Father


  • Michael Jagmin (lead vocals),
  • Nick Miller (lead guitar),
  • Michael Labelle (rhythm guitar, vocals unclean),
  • Kyle Simmons (bass, keyboards)
  • Brandon Richter (drums).former personnel
    • Joey Wilson
    • Brian White
    • Cory La Quay departed from the band, and were later replaced.Has released a DVD, one EP, and 5 studio albums:
      1. Wires … and the Concept of Breathing (2008)
      2. Adelphia (2009)
      3. Identity On Fire (2011)
      4. Rise (2013)
      5. ASD (2015)