A good song with the cinematic music video!

Spanish metalcore Against The Waves release their new single “Lost in the Fire” feat. Kristin LeAnne. This song is taken from album “Borealis” 2016.

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Song lyrics:

I had plenty of time to reflect
Inside a cold womb made of excess
You watched me make the same mistakes
Over and over and over and over again
If only you knew my hopes
Life on repeat, time to pause
I’m coming for you now

The Universe will fall and shatter
The great spiral devours any sense of direction

What we lost in the fire cannot be restored
Will we ever forgive ourselves
What we lost in the fire leave these skies torn

We’ll die for sure on the path we roam
Just like everyone else that came before
Were their dreams worse than ours?
With good intentions this graveyard is paved

We’ll keep our heads above the water
Misguided youth, this is the end of the world
Board up your windows and lock the doors
We’ve been trapped for so long by an invisible force
That moving forward is what scares the most
Live forever with your eyes closed
Seize everyday like it’s the last one
Nothing is set in stone

Never regret the choice you’ve made
The sunset dies, don’t move an inch while you say
“Never regretted the choice I’ve made”
Just seize our time before it bends and breaks

Nothing is set in stone

Your eyes are the only measure of my time
When we dream out loud, we’ll meet again
In a different place, with a different face


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About the band

Against The Waves is:

Dejota – Samples & Synths,
Guille – Bass,
Jesus – Guitars,
Manu – Guitars
Mike – Vocals

Website: againsthewaves.com