You need to know, the metal band ranging from post-hardcore band until undergrond behind their heavy, in fact they had some romantic songs that more better than pop singers.

I’ve a selection from the many rock, metal, emo bands, especially in the modern bands after 00′-era. So if you looking for old songs, misplaced.

Here we go top 10 list of the best romantic songs by alternative metal band, let’s begin!

romantic metal

10. Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Piece of Heaven

It’s up to you if you say: there are few more romantic songs, eg Dear God, Seize The Day, So Far Away, or Acid Rain. However I choose A Little Piece of Heaven because it has the meaning of romance deepest among all A7X song they’ve ever made. Although the song is likely to have a tone that varies, but going to hit fitted in the lyrics:

“But baby don’t cry, you had my heart, at least for the most part ‘cause everybody’s gotta die sometime.
We fell apart, let’s make a new start ‘cause everybody’s gotta die sometime…”


9. Sleeping With Sirens – If I’m James Dean, Then you’re Audrey Hepburn

In the version of the album studio or acoustic, this song really does make perfect romantic song. Although it with screaming, this song is very striking when you hear the line:

“They say that love is forever / Your forever is all that I need”

8. A Day to Remember – If it Means a Lot to You
Featuring Sierra of Versaemerge, A Day to Remember tells abaout  a long-distance relationship. Best lyric:

“If you can wait ’til I get home / Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past / It might be for the best”

7. Memphis May Fire ft. Kellin Quinn- Miles away

Btw, about the long distance relationship, there also a cool song from Kellin Quinn feat Memphis May Fire (metalcore band) were working on a song with meaning about the romance. Best lyric:

“How am I supposed to be everything they expect me to be? / When I feel so alone, because I left my heart at home.”

6. Pierce the Veil – The New National Anthem

PTV vocalist Vic Fuentes says: “I drove six hours just to see the woman I love. She was very pretty, but I do not know because he comes from a small town. “Best lyrics:

“And if I ever catch the ones who hurt you / I’m hoping that God looks away this time.”


5. The Architects (UK) – Heartburn

Sworn enemies deathcore band Bring Me The Horizon, The Architects had a very lovely song among songs rebelled they make. The lyrics and song are very beautiful.

“I’ll take the mess you made / And I’ll make it beautiful”


4. Three Days Grace – Lost in you

The band, which is quite a long standing and survived for 15 years, between the loud music, there is a romantic song. Lost in You:

“Somehow I found / A way to get lost in you / Let me inside / Let me get close to you”


3. Isles and Glaciers – Cemetery Weather

This post-hardcore band maybe not so famous like the bands listed here, but they had a romantic song, very cool: Revolted and Romance.

“I need somebody / Somebody crazy enough to tell me / I will love you till we / Till we are buried”

2. Of Mice & Men – My Understandings

Overview My understandings song by Of Mice & Men, in a black broad space, there is a white dot, which is an affectionate, hmmm…

“And if we climb this high, I swear we’ll never die”

1. One Ok Rock – Wherever You Are

No need to much explain, it is clearly lyrics and songs. Wherever You Are is very sad, romantic, perfect song! Maybe it will make you cry.

Check the video below :

Love songs by alternative metal bands gudangrocker’s version