US metalcore band Memphis May Fire reissued the album Unconditional, release date July 17, 2015. The album had previously been released in 2014, but this new version includes an extra couple of songs with a different version (deluxe edition).

Beneath the Skin becomes song acoustic version which is unique in thisĀ metalcore band. Nice Song!

Tracklist Album Unconditional deluxe edition 2015

1. No Ordinary Love

2. Beneath the Skin

3. Sleepless Nights

4. The Answer

5. Possibilities

6. Speechless

7. The Rose

8. Not Enough

9. Need to Be

10. Pharisees

11. Divinity

12. My Generation

13. Stay the Course

14. Beneath the Skin (Acoustic)

15. Need to Be (Acoustic)

original version