Electronicore Ashes of My Regrets released their new EP “Caricatures” 11/4/16.

Caricatures Tracklisting

01. Caricatures
02. Incorruptible
03. Oh, The Irony
04. Fooled Me Twice, Now Pay the Price
05. Daydreams
06. I’ll Be Damned

Music video “Daydream”

Song lyrics: Ashes of My Regrets – Daydream

In this grave I found my name
And everything that I fight for
No pain no gain in this life we lead and
I’m ready to die

My life feels like walking on broken glass
My morals burning one by one
My minds tainted black, my heart failing fast
And I haven’t seen the // sun in days

No // light in days
So maybe everything isnt what it seems
God help me find the light that’s inside of me

So again my mind is racing
And again my heart is aching
Yeah I know my life is hell right now
But I know soon enough I’ll leave this town

So again pushed closer to death
for anything and everything that I continue to fight for
They think I’m burning down
But I’m just breaking out

Maybe one day they’ll scream my name from the stars

And then maybe one day they’ll scream my name from the stars
Daydreams worth dying for

So why, why do I feel this way
Cause all I know is pain
All I see is rain
You gotta learn to bleed out the hate
Soak up all of the shame
Enjoy the pain.
You gotta learn to love the rain

Why do I feel this way now I know how to make it all go away
Now I’ve grown to enjoy the pain move forward in the rain to the dawn of a new day

Maybe one day they’ll scream my name from the stars
These dreams are worth dying for I swear

About Ashes of My Regrets

Ashes of My Regrets is a metalcore quintet originating from Bergen County, New Jersey consisting of 5 longtime friends who looked to make an impact on today’s music scene.

Chris Ferland – Vocals, Brandon Rodriguez – Guitar, Brian Glennon – Guitar, Adam Ferland – Bass, Juan Londono – Drums

The band came to be after multiple failed musical attempts by some of the band members. They all came from different musical backgrounds but they all had two things in common; the love for current metalcore bands and the dedication to etch a new path in the music industry.

Ranging from the hard-hitting breakdown in The Outcome to the soaring chorus in Erase Me, Ashes of My Regrets keeps the same catchy metalcore sound that everyone loves while simultaneously putting their own spin on their sound. If you’re a fan of headlining bands like Asking Alexandria, Crown The Empire, The Word Alive, Memphis May Fire, and Motionless In White, you will undoubtedly find something familiar while experiencing something new. The perfect balance of old and new led them to the creation and success of their debut EP “We All Have Our Demons” and their cover of Team by Lorde, which was released in February and August of 2014, respectively.

Ashes of My Regrets is constantly working tirelessly on evolving, whether it be writing new music, or expanding their fan base. They will not rest until they exceed the goals they’ve set out to accomplish. Once you listen, Ashes of My Regrets will be a band that you do not want to forget.