Young and Heartless have released the official music video for “Misery on Misery”! Fans can watch it now at:

On “Misery on Misery”, the band explains, “’Misery on Misery’, in itself is an existential crisis. Feeling unfairly trapped in a body you didn’t have a choice in occupying. The video we created tries to capture at least part of that feeling. It portrays being trapped in boredom, and we created a Purgatory of sorts with duplicates of ourselves paired with items of no real meaning. That same 6×8 box repeating itself over and over, and the occupant unable to get comfortable.

The video was shot on an iPhone 6, in Jake’s apartment, manipulating a small closet in his room into a stage. After taking hundreds of 10-second videos, we began to experiment with the idea of defying gravity. We then manipulated the scenes so they appeared to be interacting with one another. It ended up being a fun project, regardless of the numerous hours Jake had to put into editing and re-editing the scenes.”

The song is taken from the band’s album ‘Stay Away’, which was released early last year through Hopeless Records. It can be purchased digitally here: Fans can also stream the album in its entirety on Spotify.

The band previously released a music videos for their songs “Fevers” and “Noisecreep” and ““Punch Drunk”
Young and Heartless is a band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Conceived in 2011, and solidifying their lineup the following year, the group is composed of Jeremy Henninger (vocals/guitar), Bryan Tricarico (guitar), Jake Lepley (drums), and Britain Weyant (bass).