Ini bukan merk jam tangan, Swiss Army disini adalah sebuah band punk rock asal Pennsylvania, US.

Mereka baru saja membuat Debut EP yang dirilis pada tanggal 6 Maret 2016 via A-F Records.


Tracklist :

2. Out Here
3. Carousel
4. Shedding
5. 303
6. In The End
7. Due North

Baru-baru ini, band beranggotakan Brandon Lehman, Dave Yarkovsky, Chris Hawthorne, Jeff Morgan ini merilis song premier berjudul “303”

“‘303’ came together rather quickly as a song, but is pulled together from years of experiences with my father and feelings that came out of those. I’d say our relationship has had its fair share of resentment, miscommunication, and heartbreak. This is sort of a culmination of that. Eric, Chris and I spent a lot of time producing this to really throw the listener into a tense environment. The tone is somber with moments of true intensity that mirror the emotional roller-coaster my family was on for much of my later childhood.” – Brandon of Swiss Army