As It Is have dropped new video early this month, but the band didn’t share on Youtube for public.

“’Hey Rachel’ was an especially cathartic song to write, reopening old wounds after nearly ten years. Writing the song demanded being painfully honest with both myself and my sister, neither of which I was particularly comfortable doing. I had to relive past feelings of fear, sorrow, anger, pain, and, most of all, regret. The song is an apology I’m relieved and proud to have finally said.
The video was written and directed by Joshua Halling, who also spearheaded the video for Pretty Little Distance. I love his interpretation of the song – reimagining mine and Rachel’s story with an empowering, inspirational feel with a happy ending in hindsight. It’s such a beautiful and powerful music video, and I’m ecstatic to finally be sharing it.” – Patty

Now, you can check it out!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”Vi-pbPNiL3s” width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″]

Song lyrics: As It Is – Hey Rachel

A decade’s worth of damage done and unsaid words
We both know that’s not what you deserved
There was always love, it was there but never spoken of
You held on when I was not enough

It’s a shame this has taken me so long to say

Hey Rachel, I’m sorry
I was younger and scared when you needed me
I was selfish and stubborn, a terrible brother
You don’t have to forgive me
Hey Rachel, I’m sorry

I always knew that I was responsible to guide you through
But I was blind when looking out for you
I was self-absorbed, but I try not to be anymore
I put your diary back in your drawer