Alright! pop-punk band As It Is have released their new music “Pretty Little Distance.” This song is taken from their upcoming album “OKAY” out January 20, 2017 via Fearless Records.

Tracklist; As It Is – Okay

1. “Pretty Little Distance”
2. “Okay”
3. “Hey Rachel”
4. “Patchwork Love”
5. “Curtains Close”
6. “No Way Out”
7. “Soap”
8. “Austen”
9. “Until I Return”
10. “The Coast Is Where Home Is”
11. “Still Remembering”

Watch As It Is – Pretty Little Distance official music video

Song lyric; As It Is – Pretty Little Distance

I want to cross stitch shut my eyes
Wage a war on the world outside
Brace the barricade in my mind, but that’s alright

I stretch the truths ’til they lose shape
As support beams bend and break
Watch reality’s slow cascade, but that’s alright
And I’ve been thinking…

Ain’t life swell from a pretty little distance?
I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to stay
Why look twice at a beautiful existence?

I watch the sun dry out the grass
Hear the silence shatter glass
Feel perfection swerve and crash, but that’s alright
Close my eyes, hope it all ends well this time