Sukses di Inggris, Moose Blood mulai invasi ke Amerika dan dunia. Mereka telah menyiapkan album baru untuk tahun 2016, dan sebagai single pertama, “Honey” memiliki musik yang mewakili perasaan gembira Moose Blood.

moose blood honey

“Perasaan ini akan menjadi lebih baik” – Moose Blood.

Lirik :

Back and forth I’ve been here before
The words you said just left me on the floor
And I came round and blew smoke from my mouth
I thought I saw you in the clouds
But I chose to forgive
I find it hard to forget
Even though you said it’s something you’d regret
It’s in the back of my mind
But it’s worse when I sleep
Now I’m losing my breath
And I’ll never understand how you could forget me
This feeling will only get better
I’ll just hold it all together
Cause we are good for each other
And this will pass like the weather
Maybe we both know it doesn’t work
I don’t know what to do without making it worse
But I don’t like who I am when I’m not with you
I couldn’t make sense of it
I hadn’t slept for days
I never had the feeling that could make me throw up in the street