The band’s name Yashin is still not as famous bands other post-hardcore. But they never gave up issuing alternative songs, rock and metal. And just recently the band released a new song titled “Dorothy Gale”.

This song collaborated at a British rapter Itch.

Recommended songs by Yashin :


  • “Get Loose!”
  • Stand Up”
  • “Friends In High Places”


  • “New Year Or New York”
  • “Make It Out Alive”
  • “Runaway Train”


  • “D.E.A.D”

Yashin atau The Yashin is a band that labeling themselves Alternative Rock Metal. There six-member, Paul Travers (guitar), Andrew McShane (bass + backing vocals), David Beaton (drums or percussion), Harry Radford (clean vocals), Kevin Miles (scream), and Connor MacLeod (guitar).

If you are a football / soccer fan, you should know who Lev Yashin is. He is a legendary goalkeeper nicknamed ‘Black Spider’ (black spider) from Russia. Paul Travers, his nickname¬†just take it as a band name.

Origin from Scotland, was formed in 2006. Yashin has released three studio albums and three EP:

  1. Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them (2006)
  2. Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them: Revolution (2012)
  3. We Created A Monster (2012)


  1. Pay to Play (2007)
  2. Miles Away But Getting Closer (2008)
  3. Runaway Train EP (2012)

Related bands, and touring with Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Black Veil Brides & Madina Lake and have also played at Download Festival, T in the Park and Sonisphere.

2016, they were ready to release a new studio album 4th “The Renegades”