A month ago, pop-punk band AFI released a new song “White Offerings” (audio) on Youtube, then, they have released the music video on facebook.

Guitarist Jade Puget said:

Originally, we wanted just have it self-titled because it’s been 10 records and AFI has never had a self-titled record. But because the album artwork has these three blood drops on the front, we just started calling it The Blood Album. So people started thinking it was the actual title, and because we didn’t want to confuse anyone, we made it official.

Fans response

When every old school fans will realize that people grow up and change? The band got older, they’re not twenty anymore. Get over it! It’s an amazing song and uncomfortable video! -Rocha

Obviously musicians grow, but I’m sure the people talking about older AFI just wants to hear an album not soft as the last few. I myself would enjoy hearing AFI back in their more hardcore sound. I’m getting older like everyone else, and it would be nice to get an old taste before the time comes where music changes drastically.

If you’re uncomfortable about someone looking at a camera, the solid color of a room, and a woman in certain apparel, why be on facebook? Isn’t that a little contradicting?? – Blake